About Diane

From a very young age, I felt I didn’t fit in. I became a ‘people pleaser’. This continued throughout my adult life. I eventually experienced a serious emotional and health crisis. The following year I was involved in a near death car accident. I realized then, that life is too short and I needed to initiate a serious ‘life makeover’.

After 27 years of working in the health care corporate world, I left to follow my dream and started my own nutrition coaching business. I still felt unbalanced and not yet true to my best self. Seeing that other women were feeling the same way, I became an Image Consultant.

I combined my nutrition expertise, years of personal-development and my love for fashion to create BrandtasticYou. Through this personal branding coaching system women regain their confidence, look fantastic and restore their best self from the inside out.

My commitment to the world: to make a difference in thousands of lives by delivering the highest quality content, services and products to showcase their best visible, creditable, influential and successful self.

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Build Your Confidence Through Wardrobe, Color & Style

Are you at a crossroads in your life right now… either intentionally or due to outside circumstances? 

Perhaps you are ….

•    Experiencing changes in your career, relationships, or medical situation?
•    Wondering how to put a wardrobe together because you’re transitioning out of the military or you are looking to improve your stage appearance?
•    Living under someone else’s expectations and you’re ready to take your power back?

Inside this book you will discover the steps to uncover and design a brand new you.  This “TOTAL PACKAGE” system will help you
•    Improve your self-confidence
•    Live a healthier lifestyle
•    Choose  your best wardrobe based on  your personality, body shape and skin tone

You will feel confident, have more energy and look fantastic from the inside out!


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