Success Stories

Joyce Beverly

Diane has not only improved the contents of my closet, she really set me free to explore new looks with confidence. I reached out to her prior to an important event and asked for a color consultation. As a result, now I have a palette of colors in my wallet that I refer to when buying clothes, makeup, even accessories for my home. (I am even using it to shop for a new car.)

Diane taught me that when I wear stylish clothes people see my outfit but when I wear the right colors they see me. It is so true! Since putting her recommendations into practice, I have had numerous people say to me “you look fantastic.” It’s hard not to love that.

If you want to gain confidence in your style, color is the first step. I highly recommend Diane’s wardrobe color consultation.

Joyce BeverlyPublisher, Fayette Woman
Jason Bass

When I met Diane, she was giving a presentation on sugar to a small networking group. She demonstrated how much sugar is a soda bottle by putting the same amount of sugar into an empty water bottle, and then added a little water to show how the sugar hardens and sticks to the bottle. While I haven’t had a soda in over 20 years, I was blown away and interested in learning more… so I hired Diane for a 4-week program where for 1-hour per week, I was schooled on the basics of food.

I learned more in those 4 hours than I did in all the years of health class (sorry Mrs. Sheehan). I would say that you (whoever you are reading this) should hire Diane and get familiar with what you should be putting in your body.

Jason BassJasonHunter Design, LLC
Jeff Bartholomew

I have been working with Diane Morris for 2 months in her BrandtasticYou program and have been very impressed with the changes I’ve seen in myself. I have a heightened awareness of myself and those around me and it has improved my ability to relate with others. My productivity has improved and I landed two new clients since we started working together.

The color analysis she does is excellent and it has changed the way I think about my appearance, and how others perceive me. I know now that the colors I choose to wear affects how others see me, how they judge me and at some level, whether they do business with me. I am grateful for Diane’s guidance and support of my career.

Jeff BartholomewFounder & Certified Business Coach at Everest Business Coaching
Mary Buzzeo

Diane Morris is passionate about helping others develop their own personal brand. I was a client of Diane through her 7-week BrandtasticYou coaching program. During my time with Diane, I learned simple ways to improve my self-confidence as well as how to develop my “why” for what I do, and set and reach my goals–both personal and professional.

Diane really helped set my course as I launched my business and started the networking process. I highly recommend Diane and her BrandtasticYou coaching program.

Mary BuzzeoJournals & Ledgers, LLC


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